logoexposa  EXPOSANITA’  Bologna
  25 – 26 – 27 Maggio 2006.

Saxos Informatica espone ad Exposanità 2006 riscontrando un notevole successo.

“Our first share as exhibitors to the 15a International Show to the service of the health and the health it furnishes us important indications on the state of the Italian market related to solutions software in sanitary circle. The most important datum is surely the increasing demand, from the sanitary directions, to equip him with computer tools that can support the daily operatività of the sanitary operators and particularly that allows to certify, in transparent way, the most critical and important operations as for instance the prescription and the administration of medicines to patient.

I believe that our solutions have aroused notable interest since inherent, in very marked way, to the management of the clinical datum and you direct to the organization of the activities in department or in a specialistic poliambulatorio“. 

Ing. Antonio Lancia